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Section: General Posted: September 21, 2004, 11:38AM PT  

 News » Version 4.10.1151

     On the last day of summer for the northern hemisphere, builds of the latest version of our products have been issued to the download servers. This new version includes a wealth of additions, changes, and fixes made over the past few summer months; of particular note is DVD+R Dual Layer support for DiscJuggler Professional Edition and DiscJuggler.NET. More details are available in the version history of each product.

     For users with builds from 980 and higher, please go to "Help" -> "Software Updates" in DiscJuggler to automatically download the latest version. Registered users can contact Customer Support with their customer names and serial numbers for login information if not already known. Demo users can download the latest version here. Please check the version histories for DiscJuggler Standard Edition, DiscJuggler Professional Edition, and DiscJuggler.NET. Remember to uninstall any pre-existing versions of DiscJuggler and reboot your system before proceeding with a new installation.

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