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Section: News Posted: September 1, 2004, 10:37AM PT  

 News » Press Release: MainConcept and Padus Announce Cross-Licensing Agreement

MainConcept and Padus Announce Cross-Licensing Agreement

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BEACHWOOD, OHIO and CAMPBELL, CA - September 1, 2004 - MainConcept, a leading provider of multimedia codecs and other technologies, and Padus Incorporated, a leading developer of CD & DVD technologies, have entered a cross-marketing agreement. This agreement officially represents an ongoing practice of exclusively recommending each company's products to prospective and current customers.

The MainConcept DVD Authoring SDK is optimized to integrate smoothly with the Padus Foundation Class burning engine, enabling companies to quickly create robust authoring software. MainConcept's codec SDKs (Motion JPEG, DV, DVCPRO50, MPEG-1/MPEG-2, and the upcoming H.264 and AAC codecs) make it easy to add ultra-fast, professional-quality encoding and decoding to a variety of applications for various platforms and devices.

The Padus Foundation Class SDK provides developers Audio CD, Video CD, Super Video CD, DVD-Audio, and DVD-Video authoring, mastering and duplication capabilities strengthened in its integration of MainConcept's audio and video technologies. With a streamlined architecture and an efficient package this SDK allows developers and OEMs to integrate and deploy uncompromised optical media technology within their products at only a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

About MainConcept

MainConcept is a worldwide leader in codecs and video editing technologies for personal computers, set-top boxes and other devices. The company's Motion JPEG, DV, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 codecs are used in products from Microsoft TV, Adobe Systems, Sony Pictures Digital, Discreet, Sonic Solutions, Sorenson Media, Ulead Systems and many more leading companies. An H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10 Advanced Video Coding) codec and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) codec will be released soon. MainConcept offers SDKs which make it easy for companies to implement codecs and other multimedia features with minimal research and development. The company also has a line of innovative end-user video editing and compositing software which is also available for OEM bundling.

MainConcept AG is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, where it was founded and has operated for more than 10 years. The U.S. subsidiary, MainConcept LLC, was established in 2001 in Beachwood, Ohio. For additional information, visit the company's website at www.mainconcept.com.

About Padus

Padus is devoted to developing innovative, high-quality products which bring optical disc writing solutions at affordable levels. At the core of the Padus offerings is a renowned CD & DVD software development kit, the Padus Foundation Class. Featuring a small footprint and a high performance core, this intuitively simple-to-use object oriented API delivers one of the most complete multimedia features set available. These features are currently being used throughout various global industries by leading organizations such as ACD Systems, Adobe, Arcsoft, InterVideo, nVIDIA, Macrovision, and many more.

Padus Incorporated is a privately held firm founded in 1995 by pioneers of the Compact Disc recording software industry. It is headquartered in Campbell, California. For additional information, visit the company's website at www.padus.com.


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