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Section: General Posted: November 1, 2005, 8:00PM PT  

 News » Version 4.60.1214

     Among the many features introduced in this new build (see version history) we are proud to announce complete support for MP3+G, WMA+G and WAV+G. The MP3+G and WMA+G consist of two files, the audio track compressed to the MP3 or WMA (Microsoft Windows Media Audio) format and a separate CDG file containing the graphic data. Depending on the compression ratio, these two files combined occupy about one eighth of the disc space of a standard CDG track. This offers a convenient and effective way to back up your karaoke discs to your hard drive and to create CD+G compilations by mixing and matching songs from different sources. In addition, with its unique ability to interleave, de-interleave and correct CD graphics (RW sub-codes) in software, DiscJuggler can rip and burn virtually flawless MP3+G files on a broad range of drives where, most other application, can only process MP3+G on limited number of drives with hardware based RW sub-code support.

     For users with builds from 980 and higher, please go to "Help" -> "Software Updates" in DiscJuggler to automatically download the latest version. Registered users can contact Customer Support with their customer names and serial numbers for login information if not already known. Demo users can download the latest version here. Please check the version histories for DiscJuggler Standard Edition, DiscJuggler Professional Edition, and DiscJuggler.NET. Remember to uninstall any pre-existing versions of DiscJuggler and reboot your system before proceeding with a new installation.

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