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Version History

DiscJuggler Professional Edition

Version 6.00.1400: Major release

Version 4.60.1214: Major update

Added support for MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G CD ripping and compilation with most drives.

Added support for DVD-R DL.

Fixed a DVD+R multi-session problem and added DVD-R multi-session capability.

Improved UDF file-system import from previous sessions.

Fixed a problem with relative paths in a CUE/BIN CD/DVD image.

Improved the advanced scanning and reading algorithm for more compliant CD/DVD backup.

Fixed a problem when performing advanced scanning/reading where an error would be generated if the source disc is larger than the destination.

Fixed a problem when performing advanced scanning/reading with mixed mode CDs.

Fixed an 'Optimize Speed' problem with certain Plextor drives where the option would become disabled at the end of the first writing cycle.

Added support for many new CD/DVD drives.

Fixed a problem where the CD/DVD pre-mastering would not be able to complete the task when "Saves the entire contents of the disc in a temporary file and writes at ##X" was selected. A "temporary image file already in use" error would be returned.

Users that do not belong to 'Administrator Group' can now read correctly the registration key.

Fixed CD/DVD pre-mastering image verify problem.

Fixed a problem in “pfcnet” change priority feature which caused Padus Network Server to process an empty blank TOC.

Fixed a problem in Padus Network Server which prevented the server from accessing recorders currently in use by other PFC clients such as DiscJuggler.

Added a new link label to Padus Network Console to speed up the resume operation of the server.

Version 4.50.1179: Major update

Enhanced all graphical user interfaces.

Enhanced all aspects of write performance.

Added DVD+R and DVD+RW BookType support for BenQ, BTC, LG, Lite-ON, NEC, Plextor, and Ricoh drives.

Added support to automatically repair invalid VIDEO_TS structures in the "Create new DVDs" task during writing.

Added a new feature to load and save task settings automatically.

Added abort functionality to jobs being transferred to a Network Server.

Added support for %m syntax of all "Good label" fields in all tasks.

Added support for new CD and DVD drives.

Increased support for various Bitmap color depths.

Increased text overlay from 100 maximum characters to 150 maximum characters.

Changed registration of DiscJuggler to apply to Windows user accounts.

Changed notification of Demo Edition writing limitations to reduce cases when discs are used without user realization.

Changed the Network Server to not create PRN label files if printer support is disabled.

Fixed handling of .CDJ task configuration files.

Fixed handling of opening .CDI and .ISO disc image files from the Windows Explorer.

Fixed closing DiscJuggler with limited user accounts; log.txt is no longer saved in the DiscJuggler program files directory by default.

Fixed a problem when using the "Cache" option on files from a networked source.

Fixed "Verify failed at sector 182" error.

Fixed "Medium not present" error message with Plextor drives when finalizing in RAW mode.

Fixed a problem where the TOC was not correctly recognized by certain drives.

Fixed a problem handling file sizes larger than 32-bit values in the "Create new DVDs" task.

Fixed a problem where settings in Tools » Options » Pre-mastering » Date would only be set to folders.

Fixed a problem where the date format was inconsistent; dates are now in MM/DD/YYYY and HH:MM:SS formats, respectively.

Fixed a problem where pressing the Enter key on the CD-TEXT tab of the "Create new CDs" task would cause a crash.

Fixed a problem where writing speeds would be displayed differently depending on input sequence.

Version 4.10.1151: Major update

Added DVD+R Dual Layer support.

Added 5x DVD-RAM support.

Added printer page layout control.

Added support for new CD and DVD drives.

Changed the performance of multiple drive writing.

Changed time calculation of variable bit-rate mp3 files.

Changed tag dimension calculation of mp3 files.

Fixed a condition where certain mp3 files containing illegal ID3 tags would cause a crash.

Fixed loading of very small .ISO image files.

Fixed Test writing to DVD-RW.

Fixed an issue where the number of copies set by the user is used as the number of cycles, resulting in additional copies and inaccuracies in the event log.

Fixed a condition where very specific mp3 files could cause DiscJuggler interface to crash.

Fixed an issue where information set by the Drive Assigner was not recognized by the DiscJuggler interface.

Fixed an issue where writing speed information was either disabled or inaccurate when using an autoloader.

Fixed an issue where the waveform view was not updated after modifications to the gap indexes are made.

Version 4.10.1140: Major update

Added pfcnet, a command line interface for sending jobs to a Padus Network Server.

Added support for new CD and DVD drives.

Changed licensing so Professional Edition licenses can write over the network to the maximum number of drives allowed by the license. For example, one could write to four drives over the network using Professional Edition 4 drive license. Previously the limit was two drives for all licenses.

Changed L2 cache from seconds back to megabytes.

Changed default behavior of "Always on top" for Padus Network Console.

Fixed "Real speed" display when writing to DVD media at 8x speed.

Fixed writing speed selection for Pioneer DVR-105 and DVR-106 drives.

Fixed issue experienced when erasing CD-RW media on Pioneer DVR-105, DVR-106, and DVR-107 drives.

Fixed a condition where very specific mp3 files could cause DiscJuggler interface to crash.

Fixed write failures occurring when a Panasonic VR source is duplicated on a Pioneer DVR-105, DVR-106, and DVR-107 drives.

Fixed an issues when full and quick erasing DVD-RAM media.

Version 4.10.1128: Update

Added support for WAVE audio files not encoded to Compact Disc standards. Supported ranges include both stereo and mono in all bit-rates from 8000 Hz to 48000 Hz.

Added support for USB printers.

Added support for new CD and DVD drives.

Increased memory performance of the network architecture.

Fixed a problem that would cause the Matsushita UJDA710 and other drives to hang on specific commands not supported by the drives.

Version 4.10.1084: Major update

Added support for Windows Server 2003.

Added support for .BIN + .CUE and .NRG 3rd party image file formats.

Added support for GigaRec and VariRec II.

Added support for DVD+RW quick-start background formatting.

Added Windows Media 9 runtime for Windows Me/2000/XP.

Added support for new CD and DVD drives.

Fixed a problem preventing the Pioneer DVD-120 to read DVDs.

Fixed a problem that would cause the Matsushita UJDA-330 to not open the tray.

Fixed a problem with a Mitsumi CR-4802TE not able to complete the DAO write process correctly.

Fixed a problem with AudioMASTER and recording speeds.

Fixed a problem involving VariRec and CD-TEXT.

Fixed a problem with TAO writing from build 1070.

Version 4.10.1070: Update

Added support for mp3PRO.

Added support for new CD and DVD drives.

Added fine-tuned adjustments for DVD writing drives.

Fixed a problem with not opening drive tray after pre-masterng disc(s).

Version 4.10.1063: Update

Added web interface for use with networking architecture.

Added support for new CD and DVD drives.

Added 'Verify' action option for writing drives shared over the network.

Fixed a problem where both the 'Verify' action and a specific number of copies were selected when writing over the network.

Fixed a problem with Windows 98 drive letters and various writing drives.

Version 4.01.1056: Update

Added a function to remove the ";1" from file names in the ISO-9660 file-system.

Added support for new CD and DVD drives.

Improved network architecture performance.

Minor user interface adjustments.

Fixed a problem when asking for more blank media at the end of a job/round.

Version 4.01.1050: Update

Added the ability to drag-and-drop files from Windows Explorer into pre-mastering tasks.

Added support for creating UDF only discs and Mode2 UDF.

Added support for new CD and DVD drives.

Improved the accuracy in the calculations in disc size when creating new DVDs.

Fixed a problem with the Software Updates tool which caused it to always report that the installed product was up-to-date.

Fixed a problem where files over 2GB would not be displayed in Explorer.

Fixed a problem where adding music files would result in the disc size bar not updating.

Fixed a problem with DVD writing speeds.

Version 4.01.1038: Update

Added "Close DVD" option.

Added support for new CD and DVD drives.

Changed a few default pre-mastering settings.

Fixed a problem with a Mode 2 Compact Disc with UDF/ISO-9660 bridge.

Fixed a problem with mounting DVDs that contain only UDF file-systems.

Fixed a problem with writing DVDs with files larger than 1 gigabyte.

Fixed a problem where removable drives could not be used as I/O target directories.

Version 4.01.1026: Major update

Added optimum write strategy control technologies such as Plextor's PoweRec/PoweRec-II, Ricoh's JustSpeed, and Yamaha's OWSC.

Added maximize quality technologies such as Plextor's VariRec and Yamaha's Audio Master/Audio Master HQ.

Added bootable DVD support.

Added 44x speed (CD) writing support.

Added drive assignment tool for autoloader versions.

Added option to simplify autoloader printing options.

Changed default L2 cache size from 4 seconds to 12 seconds for multiple drive licenses.

Fixed problem involving ID3v2 tags with an attached image.

Fixed problem of wrong disc size estimation in pre-mastering tasks.

Fixed problem of DVD image verification failure.

Fixed problem where loading a .CDJ file would result in a disabled task interface.

Fixed problem for all Toshiba DVD-ROM drives when mounting double-layer media.

Fixed problem of buffer under-run at end of full erase for DVD+RW drives.

Fixed problem where combo drives would not be detected as valid CD writing drives.

Fixed problem with Print Only jobs with autoloader versions.

Version 4.01.1002: Update

Added support for more CD and DVD drives.

Fixed a problem where the Matsushita 720 combo drive would return DVD-RAM write capabilities.

Fixed a problem where certain LG drives would not complete the write process correctly.

Fixed a problem where a DVD+R would not be finalized.

Fixed a problem where a DVD+RW would not be properly erased when "Full Erase" is requested.

Added error message in the log when a drive is being terminated to preserve the writing process.

Added <Cancel> button to Options dialog box.

Fixed a speed selection problem where the "Cache to temporary image" attribute would not be properly selected.

Removed a warning of TOCs containing tracks smaller than 2 seconds for DVD media.

Removed a warning of read speed lower than write speed even when caching to hard drive is enabled.

Fixed a problem where the task would start automaticaly as soon as a blank disc is detected even if in the option was specified to wait for user confirmation.

Fixed problem where audio re-synchronization method could not be changed.

Version 4.01.986: Minor update

Fixed "Browse" bug in Windows 95/98/NT that would prevent the standard browse dialogue box from opening.

Fixed a write speed selection problem when buring over the network.

Fixed a CDDB problem where the application would crash if CDDB URL was not correctly specified.

Fixed a problem with autoloaders where the number of copies requested would not be properly calculated is the number of drives were not a multiple of that number.

Removed a retry operation for loading a disc with certain autoloaders to properly detect when the input bin is empty.

Added support for automatic download and install of the latest version of DiscJuggler.

Version 4.01.980: Update

Uses new Microsoft Windows Installer engine version 2.x.

Uses new Microsoft Visual Studio.NET libraries.

User interface updated to include Windows XP look-and-feel without losing backwards compatibility with older operating systems.

"Software Updates" feature included, allowing updates to be automatically downloaded over the Internet.

More options when using buffer under-run prevention technology.

Fixed "Not enough space on target media" error when creating DVD images.

Fixed speed selection problems with DVD-R and DVD-RW drives.

Fixed slow Win9x network writing transfer rate.

Fixed error reading DVD-ROMs when the drive doesn't support the GET_CONFIGURATION command.

Version 4.01.968: Minor update

Added checkbox to re-enable server service if blank media is not present in autoloader.

Fixed bug where certain drive brands would be used at speeds lower than indicated.

Fixed bug where disc images > 4GB in size would be truncated.

Added feature where user will be prompted for what should be done if a Table of Contents is found to be invalid based on disc technology specifications.

Version 4.01.965: Minor update

Minor cosmetic changes to the user interface.

Version 4.01.963: Product release

Based off of technology from DiscJuggler Standard Edition history.

Added DVD writing capabilities.

Added feature for writing to CD/DVD writing drives over LAN/WAN.




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