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DiscJuggler Professional Edition

     Padus, Inc. is commited to creating interfaces which give complete control for professionals and technology enthusiasts, while not alienating those who are not familiar with the technology. Soon, it will change into a cleaner interface with more options and information without requiring users familiar with the existing interface to learn anything again.

New Task menu loaded automatically by default.

     After first loading DiscJuggler Professional Edition a menu listing the possible new tasks is presented with clear descriptions of what each task offers. Returning to this window is a snap, by using the menu commands (File -> New) or the new page icon. Extending the level of understanding can come in many forms; documentation, tips, or tutorials.

     The Create new CDs task allows you to drag and drop files from other sources, to your CD writing drives. You can create audio, data, mixed-mode, bootable, and other types of CDs. A quick visit to the Explorer tab in this task will display the contents much like the Windows Explorer, but also the CD layout as you create it.

Default view of the Create new CDs task.

Display of the Advanced tab in the Copy CDs and DVDs from the same burner task.

     The Copy CDs and DVDs from the same burner task automatically copies a CD or DVD using the same writing drive as both reader and writer. This task type is useful when there is no other supported reading drive available, when the writing drive is supported as both a reader and a writer. As in all DiscJuggler tasks, the Event Log viewer is present, displaying crucial information on the process and unfortunate failures.




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