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DiscJuggler Professional Edition

DiscJuggler Professional Edition enables you to share one computer's disc writing drive(s) to other networked computers running DiscJuggler Network Edition. This expands the client machine's abilities to also create or copy discs, without a writing drive ever being attached to the system. These jobs are transferred as disc images to the computer running the Padus Network Server service. This computer physically writes the disc based on the job sent over the network.

DiscJuggler Professional Edition sharing writing drive(s) over the network to other systems using the DiscJuggler Network Edition.

Included in editions with networking is the Padus Network Console, a seperate interface dedicated to the Padus Network Server. Image files can be sent dropped into the Padus Network Console to start a job. The job can be reviewed or even deleted through the interface. The status is provided realtime for an easy way to understand how far along the job is.

Reviewing the status of a job on a Padus Network Server.




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