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DiscJuggler Professional Edition


"DiscJuggler 4.0 Professional is a highly recommended software package that is both powerful and easy to use, benefiting everyone from the office administrator to the family down the street. My hat is off to the entire team at Padus, Inc."

"I thought DiscJuggler's functionality was laid out very well, and it didn't take long to hunt for something if you didn't know where to look. This is great, because if you're like me, you only read the instruction manual when you're so confused that it's probably already too late. If it does come to that, or you're lacking in manly pride, Padus does have an excellent manual."

Read the review at: http://www.cdrlabs.com/reviews/index.php?reviewid=134.


"DiscJuggler is used in making multiple copies of DELL driver discs for any customers that do not have the latest drivers. The product itself was easy to install and use. The support documents provided were very professional and thorough. Since we have started using DiscJuggler, bad copies has decreased to 1 disc in every 6 boxes, which is a huge cost savings."

William Horsley - DELL Australia, Technical Support

"When the French Federation of Tennis moved to a Windows 2000 environment, we had problems finding compatible burner software for our 4-drive burning system running under Windows 2000. We decided to buy DiscJuggler Professional Edition. With this new product, we are able to annually provide about 500 of the Tennis Players CD-ROM to our 36 regional leagues and 80 departmental committees."

Don Pham Doan - French Federation of Tennis

"This is my first time using DiscJuggler so I am not only getting used to the program itself but also the new features incorporated in this release (I like the Network option as here at the office I have my server and my workstation and only one burner at the current time but the two computers are networked - I also like being able to burn up to 32x). Thanks for making a great product and I look forward to using it more."

Darren Schilberg - Wulf Consulting, Inc.

"Your program worked on the first try. I was so totally frustrated and wondered if I would ever be able to copy CD+G discs again. Thanks to you and your DiscJuggler that is all a thing of the past."

Dominick LaCavalla - North Miami, Florida

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