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DiscJuggler Professional Edition

     DiscJuggler can interface with the popular disc autoloaders, jukeboxes, and printers for complete automation of the disc writing process. Autoloaders have an obvious reason for existance: to automatically load/unload discs to and from disc writers or disc printers.

     What is the reason for using DiscJuggler with an autoloader? Let's say there is a demand for 20 master discs to be duplicated, but the number of copies needed for each master disc is different. Using DiscJuggler and a supported autoloader, this monumentous manual labor task is simplified. On the autoloader's input spindle(s) the master discs would be ordered with any number of blank discs following. Using DiscJuggler's Copy CDs and DVDs from the same burner task, the number of "Copies" would be set to "Auto" and the "Source & Destination" would be set to the autoloader connected to the system by the Serial port. Once the job is started a master will be read to the hard disk before being burned to the amount of blank discs following it. When DiscJuggler finds another master, it's image is read to the hard disk and burned to the blank discs. The process continues until all discs have been cycled through.

     With an addition of a disc printer, sequentially-numbered disc labels can be printed to the blank discs immediately after the writing process based on which master disc they belong to. Additionally, a good or bad label can be printed to each disc by setting the "Action" drop down to "Write and Verify".

     For additional information on using DiscJuggler with robotic hardware, please visit our Hardware Center's section on robotics here.

Please note that DiscJuggler Professional Edition licenses with robotic support are only available bundled with robotics available from our partners. If you have any specific questions, please contact Sales.




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