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DiscJuggler Professional Edition

     DiscJuggler Professional Edition is the first product of its kind to include a fully functional web interface. This interface has been in development for the past year and now it is available in all current versions of DiscJuggler Professional Edition.

Click to view all of the possibilities available through the web interface.

     The web interface in DiscJuggler Professional Edition provides users with the following uses:

   · Device Management
   · Disc Image File Submission*
   · Job Management
   · Log Messages
   · Server Configuration

* Unique to DiscJuggler.NET and DiscJuggler Professional Edition

     Disc image files can be sent through a simple web form. To send a job you only need to browse to the .CDI or .ISO disc image file of your choice, choose number of copies, select writing speed, check various writing capabilities, browse to a disc label (.BMP, .JPG, .PRN), type text to be printed on the surface of the disc, and send the job directly to the Padus Network Server.




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