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     The DiscJuggler.NET architecture can be used through a variety of interfaces, depending on the objective. For administration and control both the console and web interfaces are helpful in adding access, setting permissions, or configuring the server. For client access DiscJuggler, Padus Network Console, and the web can be used to send disc images for immediate recording with the Padus Network Server.

The Configure Server window of Padus Network Console allows the system administrator to change the server settings for optimum performance.

     After the Network Server service has been started, the server can then be configured for various performance and security options. The Configure Server window allows changes to be set for default writing speeds, specialized writing technologies, and different write modes.

     Features are displayed based on the user's rank. Administrators have complete control over everything in DiscJuggler.NET, while the abilities of the Superuser and User rank are determined by the Administrator. Administrators can set abilities on a per user basis by using any of the interfaces. For more on user management, please refer to the User Management section of the DiscJuggler.NET documentation.

     Notable abilities that a system administrator can assign to a user include: types of drives that a user can and cannot write to, number of drives that can be used at one time, and the number of discs a user can write. In the end, the system administrator can assign an ability on a per user class basis for ever practical function found in DiscJuggler.NET.

The User Management window of Padus Network Console provides a wide arrange of administrative control.

List of available servers on the network.

     Logging on to a server with the Padus Network Console is simple. After scanning the local network for active servers or adding a server on the global network, choose a server from the list and log in. More information is available at the Login to Server section of the DiscJuggler.NET documentation.

     All of the functionality found in DiscJuggler can be used in conjunction with the Network Server. Any active network server can be set as the destination device in every applicable DiscJuggler task. Check the Send Jobs with DiscJuggler section of the DiscJuggler.NET User's Guie for more details on this process.

Using DiscJuggler with the Network Server as the destination device.

Observing a sent job using the Padus Network Console.

     Disc images can be sent to the server through the Padus Network Console. Text overlay can be added in the case of an attached disc label printer or various types of label files can be sent along with the image file. The job can be watched over through the console and even cancelled if necessary. More information can be found in the Send Jobs with Console section of the DiscJuggler.NET documentation.




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