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DiscJuggler.NET enables users to send their disc images to a server running the Network Server service. This service will accept and queue images over the network and then write the disc images to the applicable writers based on the order the jobs were received and job priority. With the correct hardware, the process can be completely automated for scalability in an office environment where multiple personnel need access to writing drives.

This process can be properly demonstrated by the following illustration:

DiscJuggler.NET Office Network Mastering Demonstration as seen in the product sheet

1- After installing the Network Server service on the group server (4), the administrator returns his/her desk and uses the Padus Network Console to test the service and begins the process of user management. Then he/she announces to the group that the server is up, and can be accessed for CD and DVD mastering over the network.

2- Using a client interface, the group immediately begins to send their CD and DVD writing jobs over the local network to the DiscJuggler.NET server for mastering. The jobs are queued based on the order that they were received, user priority, and drive availability. The first disc is now in the drive, writing.

3- One of the pre-determined Superusers realizes that they must have a CD immediately for the product demonstration. Frantically, the CD is pre-mastered and sent to the server.

4- The Network Server service commands the attached robotic device (5) to load the blank discs into the writing drives and start the jobs. Upon receiving the Superuser´┐Żs urgent job, it puts it as the next job in queue.

5- The autoloader does the job of taking discs from the input spindles, writing and printing labels on the discs. After each one is finished it is placed in the output location for manual or automated sorting.

6- The final products are ready for distribution back to the job owners. With a disc printer, any information from source IP address to office location is available on a small area of the disc for the sorting and distribution process.

DiscJuggler.NET makes disc writing as easy as network printing, integrating into today's network technologies.




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