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Padus Foundation Class

     The Padus Foundation Class is a software development toolkit for CD & DVD authoring, duplication, extraction, and mastering. Software developers can easily incorporate sophisticated multimedia and optical disc technology in software or hardware products. Industry-leading organizations have already implemented the Padus Foundation Class in applications for data archiving, photo/video sharing, and professional media authoring.

     The Padus Foundation Class is a pure object-oriented C/C++ environment with a 32-bit multithread and multitasking implementation. In comparison to competing solutions it is extremely compact; only a few libraries occupying just a few megabytes in size. All of the header, resource, and source files are shipped with pre-existing solution files for Microsoft Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio.net.

     A fully functional evaluation of our SDK (limited to 1x recording) is available for your perusal. To obtain additional information about the Padus Foundation Class, including how to obtain the evaluation SDK download, please call or e-mail Sales.

Building a project using the PFC is simple to organize and understand.

     Included is a fully functional and self explanatory sample application with commented source code. To developers it provides a clear illustration on how to use the objects and classes provided in the Padus Foundation Class SDK.

The PFC tutorial illustrates various ways to implement our SDK, complete with commented source code developers can use to build their own projects.

     Some of the compilable tasks include: writing a multisession disc, erasing re-writable media, copying a disc from real or virtual drives, creating an Audio CD with optional ISRC/UPC from compressed or uncompressed file formats, and authoring a Video CD, Super VCD, or DVD Video.




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