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Windows XP (000001)


After upgrading to Windows XP from Windows 95/98/Me, DiscJuggler no longer functions. Errors reported range from "Application error:(17236)Unable to initialize the ASPI manager" when attempted to start DiscJuggler to "cannot find DiscJuggler.msi" while trying to re-install DiscJuggler on Windows XP.


DiscJuggler will not function correctly in Windows XP if DiscJuggler was installed in a previous operating system that was then upgraded to Windows XP. A Windows 95/98/Me operating system cannot be expected to function in the same way when upgraded to Windows XP. When DiscJuggler is installed for the first time, the device drive is installed based on the current operating system. The device drive platforms for Windows 95/98/Me in comparison to Windows NT/2000/XP are completely different.


This problem along with many others could be avoided if a fresh install process was used instead of an upgrade. While this solution might not be available and/or desirable by everyone, it is highly recommended.

To fix this problem in the current state, DiscJuggler must be uninstalled. This can be done by going to "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Control Panel" -> "Add or Remove Programs" and removing any version of DiscJuggler shown). If this results in an error message of "cannot find DiscJuggler.msi" please refer to the following Support Bulletin: DiscJuggler.msi (000003).

Other assistance is available by contacting Padus Technical Support: http://www.padus.com/contact.php


This problem cannot be fixed by Padus directly. Only education can be offered to help users to prevent this problem from happening or solutions to fix it when this problem does happen.


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Issued: 03.12.02 6:00PM

Last Modified: 03.12.02 6:00PM


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