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Registered Product Displayed As Demo (000005)


DiscJuggler indicates that it is running as a demonstration version, when the product has been purchased and registered.


The demo version has not been uninstalled properly or the registration information was not entered correctly.


Once you've registered DiscJuggler, it is imperative that you uninstall the demo version currently on your system. The demo version cannot be unlocked to function as the full product simply by entering a valid serial number. The demo version must be uninstalled and the system restarted before installation of the registered version can proceed. Enter your serial number when prompted to do so, and the registered version will function properly.

Please contact Customer Support: http://www.padus.com/contact.php or information on obtaining the registered installer. Send them your name and your serial number, or any other purchase information for validation purposes.


This problem cannot be fixed by Padus directly. Only education can be offered to help users to prevent this problem from happening or solutions to fix it when this problem does happen.


Keyword(s): DiscJuggler, Demo, Registered, Serial Number

Product(s): DiscJuggler Standard Edition, DiscJuggler Professional Edition

Version(s): All

Issued: 03.21.02 9:32AM

Last Modified: 03.21.02 9:32AM


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