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Using AudioMASTER Results in Disc Size Limitations (000010)


Writing audio or data to disc while using the "Maximize quality" function (image #1) with Yamaha drives results in a "Tracking, focus, or spindle servo failure" error (image #2).

E-17785 11/15/2002 11:41:17 AM - YAMAHA CRW-F1E (Bus 4,ID 0): (CDB: 35000000000000000000, Status: 040002, Sense: 040900) Tracking, focus or spindle servo failure

[image #1] [image #2]


The cause of this problem is due to the way that the AudioMASTER and AudioMASTER HQ technologies work with Yamaha drives. Our "Maximize quality" function enables either AudioMASTER or AudioMASTER HQ depending on the Yamaha drive model being used. This technology operates by writing longer pits to the physical media to improve read quality. This increase in pit length limits the total amount of audio and data that can be wrote to each disc.

There are major differences between AudioMASTER and AudioMASTER HQ. AudioMASTER HQ is only available in the CRW-F1 series, while AudioMASTER is present in the CRW-3200 and CRW-2200 series. The differences are as follows:




74 minute media

63 minute maximum

63 minute maximum

80 minute media

68 minute maximum

68 minute maximum

90 minute media


76 minute maximum

99 minute media


83 minute maximum

For example, if you were using AudioMASTER HQ with 80 minute media, you would only be able to write 68 minutes of audio or data to that disc. If you do no want this to be the case, please do not use our "Maximize quality" function with Yamaha drives that feature this technology.


This problem can be avoided by following the guidelines of the AudioMASTER and AudioMASTER HQ technology.

Other assistance is available by contacting Padus Technical Support: http://www.padus.com/contact.php


We are determining how to handle this occurance in future versions of DiscJuggler.


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Issued: 11.15.02 4:17PM

Last Modified: 11.15.02 4:17PM


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