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Stardock's WindowBlinds May Cause DiscJuggler To Quit Unexpectedly (000013)


When using earlier versions of Stardock's WindowBlinds software, DiscJuggler Standard Edition, DiscJuggler Professional Edition, and DiscJuggler.NET may quit unexpectedly without any indication through a error message or crash dialogue.

DiscJuggler not working with WindowBlinds 3.3 installed. | DiscJuggler working with WindowBlinds 4.0 installed.


Earlier versions of Stardock's WindowBlinds may show compatibility issues with the interface used in Padus products; Microsoft Foundation Class version 7.0.


Stardock's WindowBlinds version 4.0 has been tested and has not shown any compatibility issues. Customers are urged to update to this version if they wish to use WindowBlinds and Padus products concurrently. Unloading Stardock's WindowBlinds does alleviate the unexpected behavior when DiscJuggler Standard Edition, DiscJuggler Professional Edition, or DiscJuggler.NET is started.

Other assistance is available by contacting Padus Technical Support: http://www.padus.com/contact.php


We have contacted Stardock about this issue and awaiting any response providing additional assistance to our customers. This issue does have available resolutions and is considered resolved.


Keyword(s): DiscJuggler, Interface, Stardock, WindowBlinds

Product(s): DiscJuggler Standard Edition, DiscJuggler Professional Edition, DiscJuggler.NET

Version(s): All

Issued: 04.21.03 11:21AM

Last Modified: 04.21.03 11:21AM


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