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March 1, 2021, 5:13PM PT

August 25, 2004

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Security Technology Can Block Padus Network Server

Security technologies available in Windows XP Service Pack 2 could prevent other systems from finding and using servers sharing drives over the network. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): All] [Last Modified: 08.25.04 12:37PM]

April 21, 2003

Stardock's WindowBlinds May Cause DiscJuggler To Quit Unexpectedly

When using earlier versions of Stardock's WindowBlinds software, DiscJuggler Standard Edition, DiscJuggler Professional Edition, and DiscJuggler.NET may quit unexpectedly without any indication through a error message or crash dialogue. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): All] [Last Modified: 04.21.03 11:21AM]

February 04, 2003

Personal Firewall Software May Report Trojan Horse

When personal firewall software is installed on a system, using DiscJuggler Professional Edition, DiscJuggler.NET, or DiscJuggler Network Edition, the firewall may report a security breach. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): All] [Last Modified: 02.04.03 10:06AM]

December 10, 2002

CD Writing in RAW Mode with DVR-103/DVR-104

Writing to a CD with a Pioneer DVR-103 or DVR-104 drive with RAW mode enabled will result in a "Illegal field in parameter list" error. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): All] [Last Modified: 12.11.02 4:06PM]

November 15, 2002

Using AudioMASTER Results in Disc Size Limitations

Writing audio or data to disc while using the "Maximize quality" function with Yamaha drives results in a "Tracking, focus, or spindle servo failure" error. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): All] [Last Modified: 11.15.02 4:17PM]

November 12, 2002

Pre-mastering to Multiple Mixing Drives Results in Disabled Task

After a appropriate change has been made in Tools -> Options -> Jobs for writing to mixed drives, pre-mastering to multiple mixed (make, model, or firmware) writing drives results in the pre-mastering task being disabled. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): 4.01.1038 and below] [Last Modified: 11.12.02 1:40PM]

Creating CD-DA on Drive Cluster Results in No Gap/Index Editing

When pre-mastering an Audio CD to a cluster of writing drives, the ability to edit the gaps or indexes, by expanding the + sign next to the audio tracks is not available. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): 4.01.1038 and below] [Last Modified: 11.12.02 1:40PM]

November 08, 2002

Software Updates Always Reports Version Up-To-Date

When using the Help -> Software Updates feature in DiscJuggler, the application will report that your version is up to date, regardless of what version you are using. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): All] [Last Modified: 11.08.02 2:20PM]

March 21, 2002

Opening Disc Image File May Cause Crash

When double clicking on a disc image file for loading in DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler may crash. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): All] [Last Modified: 06.26.03 5:40PM]

Registered Product Displayed As Demo

DiscJuggler indicates that it is running as a demonstration version, when the product has been purchased and registered. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): All] [Last Modified: 03.21.02 9:32AM]

March 13, 2002


DiscJuggler cannot properly detect this drive as a CD-R/RW device, but a simple solution is available until a new version of DiscJuggler is released. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): 3.50.830 and below] [Last Modified: 03.13.02 6:00PM]

Error Message: "DiscJuggler.msi..."

While installing DiscJuggler, the installer might ask for the file "DiscJuggler.msi" because it is not available. This error is caused by previous installation references being corrupted. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): All] [Last Modified: 03.13.02 6:00PM]

Error Message: "User buffer size too..."

If DiscJuggler returns an error of "User buffer size too big to handle" don't worry. The cause of this problem is very specific and is quite easy to fix. [More...]

[Product(s): DiscJuggler, DiscJuggler.NET] [Version(s): All] [Last Modified: 03.13.02 6:00PM]

Windows XP

With the release of a new operating system, there are many potential problems that can happen, especially in the upgrade process. [More...]

[Product(s): All] [Version(s): All] [Last Modified: 03.13.02 6:00PM]


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