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Hardware Center

Recommendations for drives and system configurations. Listing for drives and their features, including links to the latest firmware versions.


Documentation for DiscJuggler.NET, DiscJuggler Professional Edition, DiscJuggler Standard Edition, and pfcnet.


Step-by-step walkthroughs dealing with our basic tasks like Data CD/DVD Premastering, or advanced tasks like Compilation Karaoke discs; easily turning you into a DiscJuggler pro.


Provides information on known issues and the solutions to fix these problems yourself.

Support Form

Fill it out, send it in.

Call Support

Registered users of DiscJuggler have the option to call into our Customer and Technical Support lines.

Support Bulletins
Windows XP Service Pack 2 Security Technology Can Block Padus Network Server
Personal Firewall Software May Report Trojan Horse
CD Writing in RAW Mode with DVR-103/DVR-104
Using AudioMASTER Results in Disc Size Limitations
Creating CD-DA on Drive Cluster Results in No Gap/Index Editing
Software Updates Always Reports Version Up-To-Date
... more

Recent Additions
Creating a CD+G Compilation Disc
Backing Up an Audio CD
Creating a DiscJuggler Installation Disc
Starting a Padus Network Server
Slipstreaming Windows XP Service Pack 2

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